Balloon Loons | Balloon Loons Available on the App Store for iPad and iPhone

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ALL NEW Flap and Tap Balloon Loons!

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The Original Balloon Loons Official Trailer

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Mc’BunBun Corp News

The final run

We are at the last week of before shipping balloon loons out! Our agreed dates June 24th. These couple of weeks has been really eventful with bug fixing and new features. Though a major headache, but ...

iPhone support

Balloons loons was initially designed as an iPad game. Seeing that the iPhone only users will miss out a lot of the fun on balloon loons, we decided to bring forth iPhone support earlier than planned....

Image and Title upgrades

After some great feedback, we have updated some of our in game background images and the Title logo. We would like to express our gratitude to those on the cocos2d forum for providing us some feedback...

Balloon Loons Press Kit for Awesome Game Reviewers

If you wish to review our game we would like to make it as easy as possible for you! Feel free to download our press kit here: Press Kit The kit includes: - screenshots sized for all devices - various...

Balloon Loons Fun Screenshots

Check out these really cool screenshots from Balloon Loons!...

Balloon Loons Official Trailer

Finally, the Balloon Loons Official Trailer is up! We are currently looking for game reviewers to give Balloon Loons a go. Contact us here....

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