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ALL NEW Flap and Tap Balloon Loons!

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The Original Balloon Loons Official Trailer

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Mc’BunBun Corp News

Balloon Loons Escape!

  We started messing around with the idea of turning our beloved Balloon Loons into a 2d sidescroller with all the bells and whistles of a well done platformer.  The idea is currently cooking in...

Simple Fractal terrains cocos2d

I have always been a fan of procedural graphics, though my head was never able to wrap around the concept of generating images on the fly. This time around, I was sure to use procedural graphics for o...

Balloon Loons Soundtrack

It is rare, in my case, to read reviews complementing about great soundtracks and music. Though Ive personally enjoyed the music of Balloon Loons, I would have never expected others to feel the same. ...

Colorado Shooting

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of those who were affected by this horrible tragedy.  Please stay strong and know that we all have you in our hearts....

Got your iPhone wet and think it’s damaged?

Hi everyone! We here at Balloon Loons headquarters, are dedicated not just to bringing you awesome games but also to helping out the iPhone community!  So I thought I would share an experience from t...

Balloon loons dream and upcoming dreams

A nice snippet of Catalin’s emailed me the other day goes like this “It is such a good feeling to see someone enjoying the fruits of our labor!  Nothing like hearing the bunny voices when you...

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