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Balloon Loons Tap and Flap!

Balloon Loons Tap and Flap!

Our all new mini game called Balloon Loons Tap and Flap has just been approved in the app store.  We are setting the release date to April 15th, 2014.
Yes we had to do it.  Our very own Flappy Bird clone.  Why you ask?  “How could you”, you say?  Well for a few reasons.

1.  We are currently working on Balloon Loons 3D Land!  We took the last year to begin working on 3D assets for the game and have finally completed fully animated characters.  The McBunBuns are coming to life!  The game will feature a fully interactive 3D world with fun puzzles to solve as you bounce around from land to land.  We are so excited about the new feature that we really just wanted a quick way to share our main character, the beloved puppy named Lucky, with the world.

2.  We also wanted to experiment with various animation techniques and learn to implement the all mighty Unity 3D engine.  This is the first time we are attempting a game using 3D software so we have a lot to accomplish.  Doing Tap and Flap helped to make us comfortable with new tools and assets.  Every lesson learned goes straight to the development of our 3D title.  So why not put our lessons to some use while we learn?  And Flap and Tap was born.

3. It has come to our attention that the original Flappy Bird title may have actually been a product of a scam.  A developer cheating Apple’s ranking system to get to the top.  An excellent article about this was written here: http://www.bluecloudsolutions.com/blog/flappy-birds-smoke-mirrors-scamming-app-store/
Frankly we also noticed the odd reviews that were repetitive.  We also noticed something not mentioned in the article.  Flappy bird had 4 million+++ reviews on the day it exploded.  Only 2-3 days later those reviews dropped by a whopping 4million!  Down to 500k.  This means a bulk of the fake reviews were actually removed by apple, possibly because those reviews came from apps that were never actually opened….in other words, written by bot farms.

Bot farms can be software or even manual labor pointed at generating reviews / forged downloads for an app.  Forged downloads can still push an app to the top because of sheer volume.  At that point real users take over and download because the app has been pushed to the top artificially.  The cheat has done it’s job and has worked.  The cheater / developer, make bank and cash in on using this cheat.  Next time you see an “odd” app make it to the top….take a look at the reviews….notice a pattern?  Similar examples can be seen in apps like “Don’t step white Tile”. Or 2048. These aren’t apps being developed to be good apps.  They are being developed to take advantage of a newly perfected cheat.  So far it seems that the apps have one big thing in common.  Asian origins.  Check out some reviews (which are all 1 paragraph long…something real people rarely do) on 2048.  Comparing it to Batman?  A platformer?  A FIRST PERSON SHOOTER??  It’s as if these apps are not only taking advantage of the system, but they are also mocking it with THOUSANDS of OBVIOUS fake reviews.

So what is the point of this? And how does it affect us?  Well we are on a mission.  You see Dong…or whatever the Flappy Bird developer’s name is….claims he is an independent thinker.  That he took the app down because the media attention ruined his life.  Well…..we call BS.  We wanted to show…using our release…that it is IMPOSSIBLE to gain those kinds of numbers in reviews, without cheating, in 2 days.  We want the world to know this person scammed the system and we will do that by showing real numbers.  We will post and reveal stats here, so stay tuned.  An app doesn’t just magically explode without the developer cheating.  And we are calling him out.


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