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New Release coming soon with a free version

New Release coming soon with a free version

Note: Stay up to date by signing up to our launchrock page http://signup.balloon-loons.com

We’ve been planning for a new update for Balloon Loons for quite some time.

And finally, things are coming on really nice! I may just be a matter of time before everything is done.

We gone ahead to update the graphics ( well not me, Catalin). And its coming along great.

Here’s a sneak peek:


Awesome right?

Another major update was that the controls were a bit funky. So instead of fine tune it, we offered 2 more additional controls to choose from -Buttons & Touch


And finally, the biggest change is a FREE version of Balloon Loons.

Sign up here http://signup.balloon-loons.com and well let you know when the FREE version is OUT!

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