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Balloon Loons Soundtrack

It is rare, in my case, to read reviews complementing about great soundtracks and music. Though Ive personally enjoyed the music of Balloon Loons, I would have never expected others to feel the same.

Thus it would be a shame to not share this out with everyone, so I am uploading all tracks. Well, not all the tracks. I intentionally left out the ending soundtrack which is reserved for our players. :)

But before that, here comes our terms of use :

The soundtracks present on this page is only for home and personal use. Redistribution or resale for commercial usage is prohibit.



Enjoy the music! By the way all tracks were made by Catalin Radu.


Pleasant Plains

Bun Bun Resort

Sloppy Slopes

Isolated Isle

Great OutGrassLands

SnowBall Pass

Pyramid Pond

Outer Space

McBunBun Castle

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