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Got your iPhone wet and think it’s damaged?

Hi everyone!

We here at Balloon Loons headquarters, are dedicated not just to bringing you awesome games but also to helping out the iPhone community!  So I thought I would share an experience from this past week when my daughter dropped my iPhone in the tub!
I thought it was a goner!  My iPhone got wet!  When I would try to turn it on after two days it appeared dead.  As soon as I took it off the charger it was dead.  When it was on the charger, it would go into a constant reboot.  When it did start up the iPhone’s screen said activation required but would not stay on long enough to be able to do anything with it. What was I to do?

I put the fact that it would not stay on, unless plugged in, together with a dead battery.  Seemed logical though strange.

So I ordered a new one online from tmart.com for $6.

I then found a great tutorial online that showed how to open up the iPhone to change the battery.  I was nervous about doing it but  had nothing more to lose.  It took about 10 minutes to get the battery out! It’s NOT HARD!

4 days later the battery arrived.  I reassembled the iPhone and BAM!  A WORKING IPHONE!!!

Moral of the story is if you get your iPhone wet DON’T PANIC!  Immediately do a full shut down. If it is already shut down (or seemingly dead) chances are the battery is gone already!  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN THE PHONE BACK ON!  And I’m serious when I say this…..let it sit for 48hrs and no less!  Preferably place the iPhone in a ziploc bag with rice.  The rice pulls moisture out.  Now get ready to do some minor surgery to change the battery and you just saved yourself hundreds of dollars on a new phone.  When you get it back on the iPhone may still say activation required.  Connect to iTunes and hit RESTORE.  This will reinstall a previous version of the operating system that you have backed up and you should be good to go!


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