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Balloon loons dream and upcoming dreams

A nice snippet of Catalin’s emailed me the other day goes like this

“It is such a good feeling to see someone enjoying the fruits of our labor!  Nothing like hearing the bunny voices when you’re out. Someday maybe it will be on every iPad in the apple store :) . That would make us superstars in a way. Lol. Hope you’re ready for some fame haha. One can dream right?

He was referring to a girl that hangs out at the ball court playing balloon loons every day.

One can dream

Despite the low amount of downloads that we are getting and the lack of marketing coverage; the dream of one asian guy spending lonely nights coding has came true. It is was not for the fame or money but the ratings for Balloon Loons on Appstore made it all worth while.

I downloaded this game on a whim, and so glad i did for $1.99, it kills hours of time. I was sitting in the airport awaiting a very delayed plane. Figured let’s try it, next thing I know the plane is here, boarded and 4 hour flight gone…I landed like “oh I am home!” After that I was hooked! On top of that my daughter loves it too!

Success Notes : Freed a citizen from 4 hour plane flight boredom.

“Great game for any age! Very amusing and well put together. I like the control set up too. Funny character sounds and reminds me snes games I played as a kid great stuff A+”

Success Notes : Some one appreciated the effort that we put on those controls. Catalins voice (bunnies) brought that person a trip to memory lane.

“I thought this was just a kids game, but I’m hooked!”

Success Notes : The same feeling as how Susan Boyle sang ‘I Dream a dream’. Never judge a crook by their looks.

“This game is soooooo addictive! I just bought it last night and have barely slept. So much fun!”

Success Notes: Managed to kept a kid awake. Probably got up late for school and got scolded.

Our Next Dream

We just released an Insane mode for Balloon Loons, it isn’t up on the Appstore yet but we are terribly excited about it.

As we continue on adding new modes and more content to Balloon Loons, Our next dream will be to release a lite version.

Wait, thats not right, we are NOT going to release a lite version. Instead, we will bring lucky into a different game style all together. All for free. As a thank you to all our purchasers

New game.Same Characters. Different mechanic .While preserving the casual style and cheerful mode of Balloon Loons.

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