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Why is Balloon Loons so HOT HOT HOT?

“We were striving to bring something DIFFERENT to the App Store….and WE DID!”

We saw a problem in the App Store….

Every game is EXACTLY THE SAME!  If you played one puzzler….you played them all….if you played Tiny Wings….well you most likely quickly learned it doesn’t have much depth or replay value.

Now the trend is RUNNER GAMES!  Jetpack Joyride seemed to have jump started this genre and many games followed in their steps.  But let’s face it….you played one side runner you played them all.

When I set out to create a game I wanted users to have a whole new experience that wasn’t yet available in the App Store.  I was getting tired on spending money on an App just to find out it was exactly like the last app I just played but with different graphics.  And that’s when Balloon Loons came to life.

The great thing is to see how people are actually reacting positively to something that is NEW among the vast sea of copycat games.

What else sets us apart???

HOW ANNOYING IS IT TO DOWNLOAD A GAME just to find out YOU NEED TO MAKE AN INAPP PURCHASE to buy power ups or other items that should be PART OF THE GAME!!??

I am personally fed up with it and I know most people are too!  This is a company’s way of nickel and diming a user and it leaves a bad taste in the users mouth.  If your game is insanely popular and you’re making millions….do you really need to nickel and dime people?  We aren’t making millions (yet) but we love video games and appreciate it as an art.  We are thrilled to make users happy and if that means lowering our profit margins then SO BE IT!  A great review from a happy customer means 1,000,000x more to us than a few extra $$$ from an in-App purchase!

Balloon Loons will never ask you to shell out another dime after your initial purchase of only $1.99.  We will update it, expand it, make it pretty, and provide support for it because we LOVE our creation and it is our pride and joy.

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