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Up coming updates

With balloon loons updated to the AppStore, we at Appsolute creations have had a pretty great weekend.

Instead of siting in front of our macs, 14 hours a day, we took this opportunity to rest and relax.

What better way to rest than playing Balloon Loons.

Our dedicate release is on July 6, though we already have some good updates to work on.

One major update on right after our launch date is to add in customized difficulty settings for the game.

Though some players ( like me) are having a hard time trying to blast the balloons out of the bunnies, some of our hard core gamers find them rather easy. To not bore out the hard core gamers,we decided to add game settings to the game. With some extra achievement medals would be added in for those that complete hardcore mode.

So look forward to brand new difficulty settings on Balloon Loons.