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The final run

We are at the last week of before shipping balloon loons out! Our agreed dates June 24th.

These couple of weeks has been really eventful with bug fixing and new features. Though a major headache, but worthwhile. Thank you to all our testers for providing us valuable feedback!

We also ran the extra mile to allow iPhone support. Allowing iPhone support was not easy! We daft with so many troubles of allowing iPhone support that it seemed like it would never work. Nevertheless, we preserved our balloon fighting spirit to get it done.

Here are some of our iPhone headaches:
1. Camera tweaks – we gone though 2-3 times camera changes until we found the most suitable version
2. AI path finding – smaller screen ratio had an effect on how our path finding AI was functioning. The maps were designed with an iPad screen ratio, thus we had the translate every node to a smaller representation. Indirectly affecting the node search.
3. Memory restrictions – the iPhone has a lot less memory and we had to optimize a lot of the images just to preserve better memory.
4. Controls – supporting a joystick on a smaller screen was easy but finding the right balance was tough. I now realize why do most games apply the the one button design for their games.

Another point I’d like to highlight is the game experience between the iPhone and iPad. Though both of the versions are similar, I realized right away that the experience differs greatly during testing. With the iPad, the game feels more of a reckless dog fight kinda-of-game. The player doesn’t really have to ‘think’ too much on how to gather all coins. With the iPhone, the experience was the opposite, players had to think on where to jump/dive, timed their attacks and plan an escape route. In other words, it felt more cautious.

Give it a try on both devices to experience a different gameplay all together. Our release date is on the 24th of June.

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