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The Theory behind Balloon loons launch date.

Lucky (our hero) – May your balloons stay up in the sky and never pop*. Yup! We finally launched Balloon Loons to the Appstore. Its been a crazy week for us as we almost blew our brains figuring out the best date to release Balloon Loons. Reading tons of forums, there are so many theories why ... Read On

Why is Balloon Loons so HOT HOT HOT?

“We were striving to bring something DIFFERENT to the App Store….and WE DID!” We saw a problem in the App Store…. Every game is EXACTLY THE SAME!  If you played one puzzler….you played them all….if you played Tiny Wings….well you most likely quickly learned... Read On


First we want to say THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!  Thank you to the fans for the great reviews!  We are really blown away by the positive feedback!  All 5 star ratings so far and the written reviews are incredible! Day one of being in the App Store has brought in sales MUCH higher than expected!  ... Read On

Some Fun Balloon Loons HD Screenshots to Please Your Senses

... Read On

Proud Balloon Loons Developer Catalin on Release Day

... Read On

New Banners for Reviewers

... Read On

Balloon Loons is NOW IN THE APP STORE!!!

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/balloon-loons/id525949876?ls=1&mt=8... Read On

Apple Approval Confirmed!

WE ARE GOOD TO GO!!  See you all on Wednesday!!!   Thank you Apple!... Read On

Release Date Moved Forward! New date set 7-11-2012!

It looks like Apple is already working on the review again!  Since this is happening much faster than we anticipated, we have decided to push the release date FORWARD to Wednesday, July 11, 2012!  Look for us in the App Store!!!... Read On

Release date pushed back to Friday July 13th

We are very sorry to say that since we are still pending Apple approval, we have decided to push the release date back to July 13th, 2012.  We are really sorry of the inconvenience!  We know alot of people were looking forward to getting their hands on Balloon Loons.  The wait will be well worth ... Read On

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